Summer Days

What are you doing for the summer?  Do you school on your regular schedule year-round?  Do you continue with “essentials” only during the summer?  Do you change to unit studies?  Or do you take a complete vacation?

J has a little math left (perhaps one week), but we’re not doing any more “school.”  However, each of the kids has identified an area where they want to learn more this summer.  J is back to sharks.  O is reading about weather and doing weather experiments– which is timely, since we’re having all sorts of wild weather.  M wants to do art.

So we’re doing lots of independent learning.  After all, isn’t that the goal? 

But I’m having trouble getting motivated to manage our days, and that leaves us with big messes and my frustration.  My friend Ruth set a schedule for the days– I’m waiting for an update on how that’s working.

One day we did hours of puzzles.  Last week I pulled out the messy paints and set them all up on the picnic table in the yard.  Fabulous fun.  And even though it was a big mess, the fact that I set the plan and the tone for the day made everything better.  Flexible, without chaos.

How do you set the tone for your summer days?


One thought on “Summer Days

  1. Hi there, I’m new to Homeschool Blogger but not the blogging world and I just wanted to come by and say Hi!

    We actually school year round but we’ve had a little bump in the road as we “thought” we were moving and now we are not, so things got a little pushed back. But I hope to be on track soon. It’s hot here in the summer so we usually do our slack time in the Winter around Christmas.
    And like you, I’ll get frustrated if I don’t have some sort of a plan for the day.
    Have a fabulous day.

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