Baptism Anniversary

I’m grateful for SweetP’s baptism anniversary dinner this weekend.  We celebrated with an Asian Food Feast– potstickers, pad thai, rice (the children’s request), and homemade cupcakes.

We were inspired by the beautiful silk placemats (and chopsticks!) my soon-to-be sister-in-law brought me from Seoul as a Christmas gift. 

M wrapped 100 potstickers with me (half of which we froze), and Sam made pad thai.

We finished with a prayer for SweetP’s continued growth into the grace and depth of her baptism and life with Christ. 

"Remember  your baptism and be thankful."  — Martin Luther


4 thoughts on “Baptism Anniversary

  1. M looks adorable in her costume. love the pictures. Nice way of celebrating Sweet P's baptisim. May and December were always the craziest months for me, plus in Dec we always had the hospital and office Christmas parties….I could be busy almost everyday if I wanted : going to the Ochs kids games and school programs, but I don't. The hip is doing great, however now I have a Trigger Finger, right thum and the back still hurts. PT is hard and I was really tired yesterday. I have to keep going to the first week in June. Marianjoy, however is a wonderful place, They are now # 1 rehab hospital in the US. Don't worry I'm taking care of getting the girls dresses for the wedding. what size for M, ? Thank you so much for the beautiful Iris flowers. I have them in my bedroom so I can see them all the time. Bye for now Love to all, JudyEdited by momco3 on May. 7, 2010 at 5:50 PM

  2. We do. We often have a Sabbath dinner on Saturday night, and the baptism anniversary is celebrated like a birthday: special food, cake, birthday crown, prayer. The special difference is that we light the candle they received at their baptism as well. Usually we give a baptism themed gift: something representing the Holy Spirit– a gift to play with in water, or a bird (I found these beautiful woven-straw bird ornaments), or something with fire (we've done those glow sticks, though eventually, when they're big enough, we can give them their own candles.)

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