Holy Week

This year Holy Week snuck up on me.  (Oh, wait.  I said that about Lent, too.  Hmmmm.)

I can partially blame spring break, though that seems to happen every year right around this time, but I’m also barely keeping up as it is.

Perhaps my priorities are a bit askew right now, if Holy Week is getting squeezed out.

But I have our Resurrection Eggs out, so we’ll do those this week.  And our school Bible readings this week are from Matthew 26-28 (skipping ahead a little from where we are).

Our vacation threw off my study in Luke– I lost where I was, so I just moved to the Psalms for the week– but this morning, I found my spot and had a good long time in Luke before the kids woke up.  It just happened that I was in Luke 18 & 19, up through the Triumphant Entry.  So that swung me into Palm Sunday, and as always, Palm Sunday kicked me into the swing of things, and I’m thinking about Holy Week now.  In the past I’ve wanted to have candlelit evenings (only candlelight) to remind us of the darkness from Good Friday to Easter.  I’ve got the candles on hand, but we have family coming in on Easter Eve, so that may not happen.  Maybe just after church on Good Friday?

What are your plans?


One thought on “Holy Week

  1. Hmmm. Only candlelight? I've not heard of anyone doing that, but it seems like a good idea.

    Right now, our plans are to finish our fasts well (so hard! you know how you want to give up right before the finish line?) and then celebrate Easter by actually making the long drive out to the closest orthodox Anglican church and attending mass on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to it.

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