Independence Days, Week 4

We were gone for the week, so I thought this with be a pretty quick entry: Nothing to report.

But we came back from vacation with lots of energy and two days of beautiful weather (isn’t that the best way to come back from vacation?) and did lots.  So, without further ado…

1.  Plant something: peas and spinach outdoors (and the first bunch I planted sprouted under all the snow we had last week), leeks, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli indoors.  I also transplanted our bigger seedlings (which we cared for by my friend Season– thank you!) into little pots.  I transplanted the oregano, moving it from the SFGs to the yard, so we’d have more room for vegetables.

2. Harvest Something: nothing.

3. Preserve Something: I made a big batch of breakfast burritos and froze them.

4. Waste not: the breakfast burritos included a bunch of broccoli I had not been able to use fresh, so I had steamed and frozen it for later.

5. Want not: my mom took me to a consignment shop on vacation, and I got a nice wool coat for $24.  And a suede jacket for $14.  There was a whole bunch of other stuff we’d picked for me to try on, by that was all I could handle.  So before I imploded (which happens to me when I shop) I just put it all away, and we went to lunch.  She said, "Wow, you lasted longer than I thought!"

Sam also put in the new SFG and filled it with homemade Mel’s Mix– and I have to say, we’ve been so impressed with how our vegetables love their Mel’s Mix.  He also took out the other grape vine.  We bought two grape vines three years ago.  They made the nastiest grapes– even the birds refused to eat them.  Now they’re gone.  Can you say c-o-m-p-o-s-t?

6. Community Food Systems: the town where we vacationed lacks recycling services– I spoke to a whole bunch o’ folks about that.

7. Eat the food: Said breakfast burritos included last summer’s peppers and red onions,  and local sausage from the freezer.  We also had sausage/potato/greens soup (think the Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana) and applesauce.


Also, we bought a huge tub (15 lbs) of organic peanut butter as part of our emergency pantry, but its expiration was approaching.  So we transferred it to little jars we could actually use.  There was PB everywhere.  Jelly, anyone?


One thought on “Independence Days, Week 4

  1. Great job on using up so many things! And I love the plant signs you have for your veggies!

    Thanks for sharing the resurrection eggs link. I rememeber these when I was a kid – looking forward to teaching my boys wit them.

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