Olympics Sweater

I’m on sleeve #1. 

I always find (ha!  always meaning 3 times now on the only 3 sweaters I’ve ever made) that my gauge changes on my sleeve.  On M’s purple sweater, I attributed the change to the different needle size I was using.  (I had size 8 circulars for the body of the sweater, and then only had 8 1/2 dpns for the sleeves.)  Duh, of course the gauge changed, I thought… except that my stitches were smaller.  Hmmm.  The plot thickens.

I, however, didn’t pick up on that at all.  I thought, Note to Self.  Use same size needles for body and sleeves.

Sweater number 2: the blue sweater.  (Which is much happier now that I chucked Sam’s advice– ((this is the only time I’ve ever chucked his advice and come out ahead though, so I don’t recommend it))– and took off the lower buttons.  I love it, if that is possible.)  Size 7 needles: circular for the body, dpns for the sleeve.  Smaller gauge.  Hmmmm…. Something fishy is going on here, but no one says  to change needle sizes for the sleeve, so this must be right…

Now, on my red Olympics (think red for the Canada Maple Leaf) Sweater, on size 9 circulars and size 9 dpns… smaller gauge sleeve. 

I’m just knitting more tightly on my dpns.  Probably because I’m nervous about dropping stitches off the back.  Now I need to do a second gauge swatch on the sleeve with dpns. 

Please– you can’t be serious!  But I’m going to love this sweater.  Repeat after me: it will all be worth it.

It will all be worth it.

And it points me to a greater truth about myself: I am slow to trust myself, even when all the exidence points away from the instructions I’ve been given. 

Learning from others about homeschooling, I often trust their advice too far.  "Saxon is the best math program," they said.  Well, it wasn’t for us.  Singapore has been a much better fit– for us.  "You have to use Spelling Power."  Well, we haven’t.  We’re not great spellers around here, but no one has fallen off the face of the planet yet, either. 

Check gauge.  Trust myself.  Lessons for knitting, lessons for life.


4 thoughts on “Olympics Sweater

  1. I knit tighter on dpns too. You could use two circs or Magic Loop instead.

    Blame it on a cultural expectation that the "experts" have the answers and for some reason we're incapable of making the right choices for ourselves without their guidance. Michael Pollan pointed this out and now I see it everywhere.

  2. My flat knitting is wonky, I remember feeling like a rebel when I used two different sized needles so my purl side would not be huge.

    I got rid of some knitting books a few years ago in a move, I now wish I'd chosen different ones to save, my choice was decided by a review in a magazine (and the tone of that book was a bit disheartening) but now I miss the disheartening book's charts and tips, and while the inspiring one's photos are still pretty as it's reviewer said, it is not so useful, unless I wanted only to ever knit '80's colorful sweaters with huge shoulders…

    Funny. I bet I could buy a copy of my old one used somewhere. I have more shelves now 😉

  3. As you get older you realize that you can trust yourself once in a while 😉
    And you can try stuff. What's the harm in knitting a bit to see what happens? Unlike sewing, you don't ruin the fabric! I was laughing hysterically as I plunged ahead in my socks, ignoring the bits of the pattern I didn't understand. My nice friend was like, um, no. So, rip out and do again! Big deal! And now I know, and also, some things in the pattern where better done slightly differently!
    At least for me…so there!

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