Independence Days: Week 1

For more information on the Independence Days Challenge, see this post.  Or better yet, check out the Sharon’s own post on it.

For this first week of the challenge, I thought I might have some trouble making progress in most of the seven categories, but the week surprised me!  So, without further ado:

1. Plant something.  We planted pepper, tomato, and eggplant seeds indoors, and lettuce and peas outside.

2. Harvest something.  (This is where I thought we’d have a problem.)  We went to plant out lettuce, and it turned out there were still carrots in the garden!  So we harvested some carrots, and had them for dinner. 

* Actual carrots from our garden.  ** Look of asthonishment is a reenactment by a paid professional.  Do not try this at home.

3. Preserve something:  Uh, not so much.

4. Waste not: I used a bunch of bread crusts the children rejected to make bread crumbs, which I froze– wait, does that count as preserving?

 5. Want not: our neighbor gave us two bags of clothes for SweetP, so that’s another season on clothes we don’t have to buy.  We (er, Sam) made two new raised beds for vegetables and filled them with compost.  I’m looking forward to filling them!

6. Build community food systems:  Last week I’d written a note to our farmers to thank them for all their work, and to explain that I wouldn’t be there this year.  This week, she called me, and we had a wonderful conversation about continuing our relationship, even if I’m not farming with them.  That’s community I’m grateful for.

7. Eat the food: I used pumpkin from the freezer for pumpkin ribbon bread, farm peppers and onions I’d frozen for Potato and Chick Pea stew, and had pork chops from the pig we fed all last summer.  Oh, and the bacon in our bacon-broccoli-raisin salad was from the same pig.


3 thoughts on “Independence Days: Week 1

  1. Well done! And yes, breadcrumbs count as preserving. Sometimes things fit in more then one place.

    I'm so encouraged that you've decided to do the Independence Days too!

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