We went snowshoeing last weekend.  It was not an unqualified success, but I had a wonderful time. 

The first difficulty was the traffic.  It took us three hours to get to the trail where we’d planned to meet our friends.  So by the time we were there, the kids were tried.  And crabby.  And hungry.

We all put on our gear, and SweetP cried, "Out!  Out! Out!" as I buckled her into the pulk sled we’d rented.  Eventually she decided I wasn’t understanding her, so she changed to, "Down!  Down!  Down!"  When that didn’t work and I started to pull her, she cried, "No!  No!"  But five minutes onto the trail she was asleep.

Not so M.  She was tired and mad and wasn’t going to go.  So while I kept walking (and walking and walking) to keep SweetP sleeping, Sam took M and O back to the car.  One of our friend’s sons came with them, and my friend stayed at the car with the kids while Sam hustled back up the trail to catch us.

But the trees were gorgeous.  And the snow was so white.  And aside from the other boys’ animated discussion of — well, whatever crazy game they were concocting– it was so peaceful.  It did my heart good to be in the mountains.  I wish you some mountain days– minus the traffic to get there!


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