Whew!  We made it through February.  The mornings are pinking earlier and earlier.  The sun is still up when we’re on our way to swim team in the evenings.  Some of the snow in the back yard is melting.  Spring break– full of snow, but vacation nonetheless– is around the corner.

Soon we’ll be showing off photos of crocuses and raving about the aroma of the lilacs and rhapsodizing about baby spinach in the garden.

But today?  Today I’m glad to be on the hind-leg of winter.  Amazed that two-thirds of our school year is done– and that we’ve done as much as we have.  (At the beginning of February, I was thinking, "What have we been doing all year?  We haven’t finished anything!")

May March bring sunshine to you, and a few more cozy days reading in front of the fire, and crisp mornings outside with afternoons warm enough to play in longsleeves, and some of the eagerness of waiting for the garden to thaw enough to plant.  Joy to you today.


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