The Exciting Conclusion to the 2010 legOlympics!

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the pioneer in this sport– Bob, for whom the Bobsled is named.  It took true courage and athleticism to send himself hurtling down the icy track in only a handmade sled (even if it was made by Bob the Builder.)

Here’s the Gold medal-winning sled, a throwback to the Jamaican bobsled team. 

Winning Gold in the Luge was UnShaven Man, who works as a pirate when he’s not careening down the mountain at 145 kmph.

And finally, for the 4-man Bobsled, TeamAlien.  There was some question about whether or not they were eligible to race, but as one of the fianl acts of his presidency, President Shrub pushed through the executive order so that this team could race for the Legomericans.

That’s all from Hummer, A.B.  Thanks for joining us for the 2010 legOlympics!  May the best small plastic piece win!

2 thoughts on “The Exciting Conclusion to the 2010 legOlympics!

  1. We loved your LegOlympics! We all watched it together tonight. Jeremy particularly liked the part about the man who still won with tons of broken bones on his hand. Cameron liked the grumpy guy who got the bronze. What fun! Where is Hummer, A.B.? We could not figure that one out (after the Alien team)? Thanks for allowing us to tune into the LegOlympics!
    The Huelins


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