Fixing It

I don’t mean fixing dinner– though that, too, is going on in this photo.

No, I’m talking about fixing my crockpot.  Yes, ladies and gents, that is my self-same crockpot that has had no handle for nearly three or four years.  Taking off the lid when it’s hot has been a ridiculous ceremony involving tongs and pot holders, and usually a big mess.  No more!

It finally occurred to me that I might be able to find a replacement handle online. 

Now that I’m watching the Olympics, I’m seeing a lot of advertising that I don’t usually see.  About how I deserve a break today, and how a BMW will bring me joy… and my kids come telling me how this or that new thing will make my life so much easier.

I was tempted to toss out the crockpot and start over with a newer, shinier, cleaner, less broken one.  But even if it might when be cheaper than fixing the one I have, it’s filling up the landfills.  This little black mismatched handle is a happy thing for me.

What’s being fixed in your life?


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