Enjoying Summer's Harvest

No need to check your calendars– it’s February here, too.  But I’m still enjoying last summer’s harvest.  As we look ahead to planting this year’s garden, I’m looking back to what we’ve eaten this year.  I posted before on how I planned my pantry, but to be most useful, I should be looking at this as we plan our garden.

This year I have another six month’s record of what we’ve eaten– both from the farm, and from the store– that began where last year’s record left off.  I’m not perfect at recording every single thing we eat, but it’s helpful. 

Here are my favorite things of what we put up (I love that phrase) last summer:

20 lbs of blueberries, now frozen.  They weren’t local, but they were in season (in Michigan via the grocery store) and fresh and delicious.  Right now, I’m especially enjoying a handful thrown into my oatmeal every morning.

Onions I sliced and froze in July & August.  I can pull out a bag and carmelize them using Molly Katzen’s recipe for Carmelized Onion sauce for pasta (from The Moosewood Cookbook.)

Applesauce.  (Alas, there was no pear sauce this year because of a late freeze.)


Sliced onions and peppers frozen in bags.  I thaw them and use them on pizza, or saute them with sausage to put over pasta.


Tomatoes.  There’s nothing like opening a jar of home-canned tomatoes and being transported into August.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

What are you going to grow in your garden this year?


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