It’s February: time to count my blessings.  So I do.

I am grateful for the ability to be outside, for long periods of time.

I’m grateful for living in a place where I can worship in peace and spend time in God’s word without fear of persecution.

I’m grateful for my friends– far and near– whom I can call when my manuscript is turned down again, and who tell me to get up and get writing again.

I’m grateful for my friend who came to my rescue in a pinch, when Sam scheduled himself to teach a class when I had an impossible-to-reschedule meeting at the hospital.

I’m grateful for my friends who were with me when my favorite popcorn bowl broke.  They swept up the pieces, vacuumed the shards, and then one of them brought me a new popcorn bowl– green, like the old one.

And I’m grateful for my parents, healthy and spry, and who welcome the opportunity to bless me (again!) by spending two days a month with my kids so I can work and homeschool.

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