Shhh! It's a Surprise!

I’m making O a quilt for his birthday.  I wanted something with a lot of contrast, something green…

And it appears that green is just not in fashion this year in the fabric department.

I found all this beautiful batik fabric at, and put it with lots of white Kona cotton (thanks, Amanda Soule for your inspiration!) and have just loved how it’s turning out.

For the binding, I sewed all my extra colored fabric together randomly and cut it into 2 1/2 in bias strips.  I can’t wait to give it to him!


6 thoughts on “Shhh! It's a Surprise!

  1. I'm thoroughly impressed! I need to see a schedule of your days because I really can't figure out how you do all you do. Do you sleep? 🙂

    Beth Stipp

  2. Annie,
    This quilt is just exquisite! The fabrics and colors are so wonderful, and it something that will likely be used through all the growing up years…. it is not just a kid's quilt. LOVE IT. KUDOS to you, dear friend. Love what you are creating in your home! Also, loved your post on terrariums.

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