The Ruffled Skirt

I need to reorganize my sewing area– it’s just too cumbersome to get all my fabric and supplies out (and put them away after).  Quite a deterrent to sewing frequently. 

However, my kids want to sew.  Last week, without sewing me sewing anything, O & M came to ask if they could sew.  After a little hemming (ha) and hawing, I agreed.  Here’s what we made for M:

She asked that I particularly point out the headband that matches the ruffle.

Any ideas on how to organize my sewing stuff?  (It’s such a mess right now, it would take at least six or seven photos even to show you the scope of the problem.)

Addendum: check out amanda soule’s beautiful post on her dudes who sew


4 thoughts on “The Ruffled Skirt

  1. mine want to sew more – well, M hasn't sewn anything at all, and B hasn't since the inexpensive machine's timing chain went OFF, and I haven't let him loose on the Pfaff – but I should, I should. B took a class on sewing (he got up to a pillow case) I'm afraid I'll get too critical and cranky on him and make him nervous.

    When the Lands End catalog comes, they tell me which cute things to buy for K. I say we'll look for it on sale at the Zoolittles re-sale shop, but the lets get something cute for little sister thing is definitely a big deal.

    They want to make space monster pajamas to wear to the Valentine's waffle party at co-op. With extra sleeves for tentacles. I'm not quiet sure I can get them up to that level by the 14th though.


  2. Betsy referred to this when she was designing her space in the new house

    Threads published oodles of articles about it back in the '90s, if you have access to magazine archives

    Have you seen the book

    It isn't about sewing, but the process is the same, and the attitude of this book is so gentle and kind. No one will call you a horder!


  3. She looks so cute!

    I organize my sewing stuff in a fishing tackle box, and the fabric is just stacked in a large tupperware upstairs (that's the someday stuff) and a large tote downstairs (the supposedly current stuff). The patterns are in the drawer of the sewing desk.

    But it's not terribly satisfactory, because it's not in a central location. If you figure it out, let me know! 🙂

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