Homeschooling Thoughts

Several of my friends and acquaintances have recently asked about homeschooling– not just "what about socialization?" but the more interesting question, "How do you educate your children?"

And to save from yabbering on at them for hours and hours on end, I pointed them to this blog.  So, Hello, friends!

I am deeply indebted to Charlotte Mason’s experience, thoughts, and writings.  My favorite books on her methods include For the Children’s Sake by Susan Shaeffer McAuley, and When Children Love to Learn (Elaine Cooper, Eve Anderson, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, Jack Beckman, et al.).  The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola is a very practical and thorough summary of Miss Mason’s ideas– even if the victorian illlustrations in no way resemble my home schooling experience!  Charlotte Mason’s own writings are so rich (and dense) and can be found online at Ambleside Online.

Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer’s The Well Trained Mind was an invaluable help to me in beginning our journey, and it has a wealth of resources and timelines/schedules/booklists.  It also has a website with forums that helped answer many of my questions int he beginning.

I also consult Preschoolers and Peace, Like Mother, Like Daughter, Paula’s Archives, Simply Charlotte Mason and Ambleside Online when I need help.

I asked my friend Ruth what she would offer as one piece of advice to anyone starting out.  She said, "It won’t all get done in a day, and that’s okay."  Amen!

I wish that I had started out more slowly– not trying to generate a complete homeschool package all at once.  With my younger kids, I have added one subject at a time, rather than trying to begin the first day of school each fall with a huge list of to-dos.  (I wouldn’t try to begin a new business, cook all new French food every day, move across the country, and start a second job all at once, would I?)  So my advice would be, Start slowly.  But don’t be afraid to start.


One thought on “Homeschooling Thoughts

  1. I needed a break from entering co-op info on the data base that makes me feel dizzy and car sick!

    One thing I've been thinking of lately is – remember tutoring sessions when you were a child, or conversations that stuck with you – homeschool is more like them in general than a classroom sort of deal.

    Accept when it isn't, because sometimes it's not.


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