The Get-to Mommy

I am indebted to Kendra at Preschoolers and Peace for the idea of being the Get-To Mommy.  (This link is a story about this idea, but I can’t seem to find the first other post about this idea.)

We all have days in which we are the Have-to Mommy: the Mommy who has to drag everyone is the car across town to pick up the __________, or return the library books, or discipline the defiant child, or do the laundry, or balance the checkbook, or wash the bathrooms…

Kendra once recommended finding a piece of each day when we can be the Get-to Mommy. 

Lately I’m the Mommy who gets to have tea parties, and paint in watercolors, and make snowmen.

What will you get to do today?


I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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