A Happy Blog You Should Check Out

My friend Heidi discovered this great blog last week and pointed me to it.  And I’m enjoying reading the back posts, checking out the sidebars, and laughing at the humor.

It’s Like Mother, Like Daughter, and it’s written mostly by a very funny named Leila, who has all sorts of great tips for making your daily life better.  For instance, she recently posted on how to declutter an area.  And she gave the courage– and the skills– necessary to tackle the Dreadful Corner of the Counter.  (Friends, you know what I’m talking about.)

I used to read ablogwhichshallremainnameless and recommend it to you, until I couldn’t take its tone any more.  It had lots of great tips for running my household well– and enjoying it, even– but the blog was cheerless and preachy.  I took it off my links and my blogroll and think I’ve been a happier person since I stopped reading it.

But Like Mother, Like Daughter is a happy blog, and helpful– with just the right amount of humor and humility.  And it helped me turn this

into this


3 thoughts on “A Happy Blog You Should Check Out

  1. My comment might sound a trifle inane, but . . . your computer has a window and some crosses to keep it company! that's lovely!

    Really. That just makes me smile.

  2. I'm here to tell you that it works on floors too – cleaned our bedroom by dumping everything from the floor onto the bed, sweeping, and THEN relegating. So effective. Loving the Leila Method.

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