National Western Stock Show

Disclaimer: this post is definitely written from a doctor’s perspective, not a farmer’s.

The National Western Stock Show is a Denver tradition, and is a huge event.  We partook of this piece of culture last weekend and enjoyed time with friends, some amazing fiddling, rides, and all sorts of animals (as SweetP says, "a-muls").  I would have bought 930 yards of red alpaca wool, but they only had 600.  Maybe I should have bought it anyway and just made a very small sweater…

But Sam and I kept walking around remembering the outbreak of E. coli H0157 that originated in the petting zoo at last year’s stock show… and here’s what we saw.

and saving the best for last…


One thought on “National Western Stock Show

  1. those signs are way to funny. I think I need to be more through when washing my hands! Especially when haley goes for her horse lessons on the farm!

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