Mid-January Journal

Praying for: the people and leaders of Haiti.  For grace and patience here at home.

Thinking about: how I keep telling my children they can choose how to behave, even when the circumstances are not what they would choose… and yet I am allowing my circumstances to dictate my behavior.  Hmmmm….

In the school-room: notebook work and piano practice.  The Art of Henri Rousseau.  Finishing up our unit on Greek Mythology and looking forward (I am, at least), to the Roman Empire.  The Gospel of Matthew– which we might have read last year, too, but wow, it’s amazing. We’ll be planting terrariums (terraria?) soon– I’ll post when I have some photos.

In the kitchen: I am in total CSA withdrawal.  Pretty much all I want to eat is soup and homemade bread.  Everything at the grocery store looks sad and unappetizing to me.  For dinner, maybe we’ll have… butternut squash bisque and oatmeal bread?

On the needles: more fingerless gloves, and I just frogged O’s St Nicholas Day hat (too small) and will be redoing it soon.  The blue sweater has come off and is being blocked.  It required a few more alterations from the pattern than I had hoped, but I think I’ll be wearing it about every day. I just need to choose some buttons… 

On the sewing table: I’m waiting for the fabric I ordered for O’s birthday quilt.  He’ll be seven soon!  I can’t believe it.  I hope I can get it done in time.


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