SweetP turned two!  This collage includes her first on-the-floor tantrum (yea rah), and her four birthday parties.  Who says you get the birthday shaft when your birthday falls near Christmas?  We made a pig cake (she has a great snort) and served all her favorite foords from the pop group: popsickles, lollipops, and popcorn.

In the past two months, she has made an amazing (to me) transformation from toddler to little girl.  One day she woke up and started to have an opinion about what she was wearing.  Every day she pats her chest and asks for a "dess dess" to wear, instead of the plain shirt I’m trying to put on her.  She toddles around in M’s fancy shoes, or digs the rain boots out of all my hiding places.

She wants to "hep, hep" with anything I’m doing.  Her ‘"hep" requires her to drag a chair around the most circuitous route in the kitchen to get to where I am so she can dump my flour on the counter.  

She loves to build, and is starting to play imaginatively.  She turns legos into cakes and brings them to me.  She puts a toy onion in teacup and brings it to me to drink, and then tells me, "No, hot!" when I try to sip it. 

A bedtime and naptime, she chooses which books I am to read to her (and it’s never the book I choose!).  And when I tuck her in, she asks me to leave the light on so she can read books.  She’ll lie in her crib "reading" for an hour if I’ll leave the light on.

SweetP, you are a joy!  Happy birthday.


2 thoughts on “TWO

  1. She is a joy indeed! That ice cream sundae is looking pretty good there! Happy Birthday, Sweet girl! Rae Rae 🙂 (the smiley face is for mommy)

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