Christmas Morning, 2009

There were 14 of us here on Christmas morning– the 6 of us, my parents, and (one family of) 6 dear friends we’ve known for years. 

Christmas Eve, after church, we opened our traditional new jammies.  (This year I made them only for the kids, since neither Sam nor I has outgrown ours from last year.)

J is in that stage where his imagination is hard to beat.  He has been imagining the most amazing, abundant gift-bonanza ever.  How could we possibly match his expectations?  So it several times, he was on the brink of tears.  We always open one present Christmas Eve (the above-mentioned jammies.)  But when he opened his, he said, "I thought you meant the jammies and one OTHER present."  It was that kind of year.

But man, that SweetP gets it.  I wish we could all stay in the phase she is right now.  See that in her hand (you might have to click on the photo to enlarge it)–

it’s a teeny, tiny package of M&Ms.  It was the very top thing in her stocking.  And she is so excited about it she can’t even stand it!  Here’s everyone else, examining everything else in their stockings–   but all she wants to do is enjoy that little pack of M&Ms.  Then, while everyone else is itching to move on to all those huge boxes over there (please, remember there were 14 of us)

she went and found Grandma, who held her while she ate of those delightful M&Ms before we could even entice her to take anything else out of her stocking.

There were some awesome gifts this year– a pink toolkit with real tools, as requested–

a Lego bonanza,

and four-player chess.

(The coolest grown-up gift was practice pizza dough.)

We Skyped with the cousins (notice M is showing all of her pink drill-bits)

and had hours of play practice, ticket-making, and rollerblading.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of The Random Play to show you, because flash photography was forbidden in the basement theater.

It was delightful to be together, all 14 of us.  We celebrated together five years ago, the year we moved to Colorado, and it was great to be together again, with two more toddlers present and no one absent.

I am holding onto my little girl’s abundant gratitude.  You mean all those (what, twelve? maybe fifteen?) M&Ms are all for me?  God came to earth as a baby-who-is-GOD and it’s for me?  Seriously?  For me? 

I am often so full of my own expectations that I can’t even see God working, and yet he invites me to participate in bringing HIS KINGDOM to a world crying out in despair and darkness.  Me?  Not only do I get to watch Him work, but He wants to work through me?Seriously?


Merry Christmas, friends.  May you know abundant gratitude this year.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Morning, 2009

  1. Hi Annie!

    I loved the photos and the funny/rueful stories. Sweet P and K are so on the same wavelength: in the middle of opening presents, My Mom mentioned that she was hungry (she makes a huge 2nd breakfast for us, but it's her first breakfast, we've made the kids eat 'cruel gruel' before driving over to her place to 'wake her up') anyway, when K heard 'hungry' she climbed into her high chair, strapped herself in, pulled up her tray, and wouldn't budge. She wanted some peace and quiet, she wasn't at all sure about Grandma's living room being filled with wrapping paper, noise, and stuff, even if she thought the tree was, 'p'itty.'

    She wouldn't open the rest of her presents until dinner when I was opening my Birthday presents.

    Thanks for my card!


  2. Aww, everything looks so nice! And how impressive that the theater accepted debit, credit, cash AND checks! 🙂 Renee

  3. What fun!! It sounds and looks like Christmas day was awesome. How cool that you have both ends of human nature (or at least my nature) demonstrated by your kids on that morning: it is never enough and how cool that I get blessed with 15 M&M's.

    Blessings on you and your whole family in 2010!

    Love, (Aunt) Vanessa

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