Monday Morning Daybook, Dec 2009

We spent a lot of time this weekend sending out Christmas letters.  It took much more time than usual this year, because our address book was lost this summer when our computer crashed.  I’m sure there are folks who were completely lost in the cyber shuffle.  Now if I can only dig us out of the pile of stuff on the kitchen counter…

Our deep freeze appears to be over.  We were able to be outside on Friday– bundled up, but happy.  My friend Lori and her girls met us in the park, and she brought thermoses full of hot chocolate and tea, and animal crackers.  Genius!

It’s still dark outside, and cold, and I can’t quite bring myself to bundle up to go see the meteor shower.  Did you get out to see it?

Lots of knitting this weekend– my brother-in-law’s Christmas gift and my sister-in-law’s birthday gift go in the mail today.  And I know you’ve seen some of these photos before, but they just look so good all together…

I finally got far enough in my Christmas knitting to rip out a good 12 inches of my cardigan– apparently I check the gauge for my garter stich instead of my stockinette and have knitted myself a beautiful teeny tiny cardigan.  Alas, I am not teeny tiny.  And I don’t actually love anyone that size enough to give it to her.  So a -ripping I shall go, a-ripping I shall go, heigh ho the dairy-o, a-ripping I shall go.

And I add this photo:

to show my daughter M, who was channeling Cinderella and had to have an apron this weekend– right now, Mommy– so we had to make an apron.  And then she couldn’t stop what she was doing long enough for me to take a decent photo. That’s my girl!

May all your knitting, ornament making, apron sewing, schooling, worshiping, dancing, singing, resting, appreciating, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and everything else you’re doing be filled with God’s presence this Christmas.

I’ll be back in January!



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