Mid-December Photo Journal

Outside: the neighbor’s dogs are … er, let’s call it frolicking in the snow.  How long does it take to gestate puppies?

Let’s look at this pretty picture instead:I wonder why only that branch retained the ice?  It’s 2 degrees Farenheit outside, which leads me to…

Pray for: all the homeless out in that cold.  Also, our Bible study is looking for a ministry with "the least of these" (think Matthew 25), which is so exciting to me!  Of course, I still have my job which is a tangible ministry, but I so long to be working overtly in the name of Christ among those whom Jesus loves so much.  And to do so with the Church– I’m giddy just thinking about the possibility.

In the schoolroom:  there’s lots of independent puppet-making going on.  Norman Rockwell is hanging on the Art Line (a little medical joke, there).

Our Advent devotion: this is our Advent paper chain.  Each year I divide Luke 2:1-24 into the requisite number of verse-lets (this year there are 26) to read one each day.  Once it’s been read, we tape it up on the wall by the dinner table with the others.  Day by day, we read the passage again and again, until we have it nearly memorized by Christmas.  (Don’t look too closely– I spelled Quinirius wrong.  None of the children has noticed… yet… but it’s only a matter of time.)

Lamenting: the fact that SweetP is a dumper.   She has lots of other good qualities (like her knock-knock jokes), but alas, she is a dumper.

Loving: snowpants.  Even when it was 6 degrees out, I bundled the children up in many, many layers and sent them out for a few minutes.  (Yeah, yeah, I know I should go to.  But I didn’t.)  O sat in the swing on the porch (minus its poles) and watched SweetP digging– or trying to dig– in the frozen flower boxes.  J & M swept the stairs & sidewalk. 

A side note– J sees this cold snap as an answer to his prayer for God to kill the Asian pine beetles.  He is very sad about the death of so much of the forest in Colorado, and nothing short of several weeks of solid below-zero weather will do it.  We haven’t had it for years.  So if you’re angry about the weather, blame him.


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