Christmas Crafts

Wow– thanks, friends for some wonderful, thoughtful comments on my Gaudy Night post.  You are an encouragement to me!  Now, on a lighter note…

I would so love to have an entirely homemade Christmas, but… well, it takes two to tango.  So I keep plugging away at my own gift giving habits and don’t worry about everyone else’s.  I’m trying to instill in my children a love for making gifts, rather than my usual way of going about things– nagging.

So we’ve been making lots of snakes, and Christmas ornaments, and we’ll be doing some freezer-paper stencils.  And I’ve been doing lots of knitting.  Fun, fun, fun!  What are you working on?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. Oh that blue/grey on Sweet Pea just is perfect with her eyes!

    Love the pom poms on the other hat too.

    I'm thinking I need to try to teach my boys some fiber arts again – we got stuck on a knitting knobby when the last baby came, I think the soothing rhythm would benefit M.



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