Library Books

We love library books, but I have yet to find a system for keeping them in the house.

I don’t mean they walk away, but they’re always being moved from room to room (and hiding), and in the living room, which is where most of our family reading happens, they end up in a messy pile.  How do you manage them?


3 thoughts on “Library Books

  1. I have a basket that's only for library books. When it's time to return them I just put the basket in the trunk of my car and go to the drive up window to return. Now returning them on time seems to be our issue! LOL.

  2. or just the system we try to make work?

    We have a backpack with our cards in the pocket…and cash for our inevitable fines. We have a designated shelf by the front door for library books to reside on, so we can scoop them into the backpack as we go out the door…but they wind up under all the beds, and occasionally on the boy's book shelf in their rooms, because it's hard to tell actual library books from books bought at library book sales that still have those plastic covers on them.

    so, yeah, that backpack pocket? I keep it stocked!


  3. We use book baskets for our library books too. I try to set them up by theme and incorporate our own books into the theme but the library books always stay in the baskets. I also set up little display areas for themes like Thanksgiving or Advent or our current nature study with items/pictures that might fit that theme. My friends might find it a weird way of decorating by we love being surrounded by books! The baskets are great for little ones who have a hard time putting books back on shelves properly. But it still keeps them neat and doesn't ruin the binding.

    Amy from

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