Homemade Play Dough

I don’t want to debate the merits of homemade playdough v. store-bought.  I do both, but when all that’s left in my house is this:

and I have neither the time nor the inclination to run to the store (where I’d spend way more than the $4 I’d spend on playdough), here is how I make it:

Play Dough

Bring 1 cup water, 1 tbsp oil and the food coloring of your choice to a boil.

Add in 1/2 cup salt and stir for 1 minute.  Then add 1 tbsp cream of tartar and 1 cup flour.  Mix well over low heat until it firms up, then put the lump on a plate and knead it until smooth and cool enough for your children to handle.

This is a very forgiving recipe– you can actually add the ingredients in any order, but I find the color comes out better when I do it this way.  Also, I used kosher salt one day and ended up with large grains still in the dough.  So maybe use iodized (small grain) salt.

Just for fun, let’s pan out from the play dough photo to show you what the kitchen really looked like…

But wait– there’s more:

Now you know what I’ll be working on while the kids play with play dough. 

Blessings to you today!


3 thoughts on “Homemade Play Dough

  1. K has gotten up to getting to play in the sink (supervised) while the boys or I concentrate on something, but so far she eats the play dough, so that is still M's deal.

  2. We love homemade playdough too. Yesterday we made salt dough for the first time.
    Thanks also for making it real with the whole room shot; good to know I'm not the only one! Today I'm trying to tackle the little messes I've ignored for a while (our bedroom, my desk, the kids toys) and was starting to feel depressed about how I could let these little areas of clutter pile up.
    Hope you all have a fun afternoon!
    Amy from http://ordinarysplendor.blogspot.com/

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