Regarding Facebook

Okay, I know many of you love Facebook.

And I’ve tried, I really have.  But Facebook and I… we’ll, we just don’t understand each other.

As an example of our incompatibility, I offer this recent true story:

Several weeks ago I tried again to make Facebook my own.  I sat down with my cup of tea and worked on updating my profile.  I thought I’d add some photos and connect my profile to my husband’s– stuff many of you do without even a second thought.

So I click on Married, and it gave me the option to link to any of my friends, and I type S-A– and there, Sam pops up.  Hooray.  I think I’m clicking on Sam.  I hit save, and it suddenly says I’m now married to my friend Sandra, and Facebook will just have to confirm this with Sandra…

Eek.  So I try to unclick Sandra, to no avail.  It turns out I have change my marital status to Single in order to fix the error… and then I went back through the whole thing again to marry Sam.  And then it told all my friends that I had changed my marital status to single, and then back to married.

Hence, a flurry of concerned calls to the house to ask what had happened here.


Facebook is not my friend.


4 thoughts on “Regarding Facebook

  1. I just send notes from Dan's page, but to make sure everyone knows it's me writing, not him, I have to type (Christine Writing) which makes the message so long that that is about all that shows up on the line…

    yeah, I don't find it a comfortable medium.

  2. Oh my! Annie, bless you!! I have made those same concerning phone calls to my friends who did the same thing. Facebook and I aren't too freindly either — just dont have the time or the UMPH to get there. So sad for the friends that keep writing me — it just sits in my inbox, waiting for the reply that's never going to come. I think about canceling my acct, but then I would have to explain that too — and what if, someone really needs to contact me and then cannot. Well that's my dilemma.
    So lets just me Non-Facebooking friends! :-O

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