The purple sweater

Here it is, at last… the very purple sweater for my girl.

She keeps trying to wear it over a T-shirt, but it is a wee bit itchy.

"It’s kind-of itchy," she says.

I’m thinking, It took me three months to knit that thing, you’d better enjoy it. 

"Wear a turtleneck," I say.

Last week I went to the Yarn Shoppe and picked up some super-soft alpaca.  All alpaca, all the time, now.


4 thoughts on “The purple sweater

  1. how do you keep the alpaca from stretching too much in ribbings and growing longer? Lovely soft stuff, and it made a hat B would WEAR (until he lost it) but it just grew, and grew and grew…

    the Bobs are so cute. K tucks a teddy bear into her high chair, tries to buckle him and then lays a bib on him, all the while crooning too him.

    Dollies get dragged around by the heads though.

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