Late October Journal

Outside… This October has been colder than most, to my memory.  We had our first snow on the 10th, and it’s snowed a few times since… and today.  The mountains have been so beautiful, in their white majesty, with the foothills still dark in contrast.

I am grateful for… a warm house and a scented candle (pomegranate-currant) on the table… recovering from the cold I had last week… many opportunities to be creative…

I am knitting… hats and fingerless gloves…

I am cooking… soup.  Lots of soup.  And oatmeal bread.

I am listening to… Rosanne Cash’s The List.  David Wilcox’s Airstream.

I am praying for… the women of my Weavings group… the clergy of our church… those in the Philippines who have lost their homes and families…


One thought on “Late October Journal

  1. I made oatmeal bread yesterday too! Feeling kind of guilty because we're mostly through one loaf, and the ww bread my friend gave us earlier in the week is languishing. But it's not fresh! Or as tasty! We can't help ourselves!

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