Breakfast Burritos

Let me preface this post by saying that breakfast is a hard meal for me, both to eat and cook. But there are a few recipes I really enjoy for the morning–  Stacy’s breakfast burritos, Kendra’s Baked Oatmeal— that I use over and over.

Last week, I wanted to make breakfast burritos, but what I had on hand was slightly different.  So, using Stacy’s recipe as a guide, I sauteed 2 lbs of bacon, then 18 eggs, then a quart of fingerling potatoes with some diced onions.  I sauteed (all in the bacon fat– don’t tell my cholesterol!) some red peppers and onions as well.  Then I mixed it all together in a ginormous bowl, and put a scoop on a tortilla, covered it with cheese, and wrapped it to freeze.

These are very different from Stacy’s, but very delicious too.

Now, if I could only get the kids to eat them…

One thought on “Breakfast Burritos

  1. That's so funny; breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. But my husband never wants to eat until he's done something first to work up an appetite, so he usually eats breakfast really late.

    Glad you're finding things that make the meal more appealing to you though!


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