Thinking of Gifts

This happens to me every year, and every year it takes me by surprise.

In the winter, I think, “We just had Christmas.  It’s too soon to be working on gifts for next year.”  Then the spring comes, and I am consumed by gardening.  In the summer, we travel and have lots of guests, and it’s hard to make my knitting/sewing a priority.

Then the fall hits.  All of a sudden it’s October, and I haven’t started knitting anything for Christmas.

Well, here’s what I’ve got:

Hmm, you think.  (I can actually hear you thinking.)  Isn’t that the same photo she posted here?  Well, almost.  Except that the February post was the first of eight Christmas stockings I was knitting, and this is the eighth.  Hooray!  And I’ll still have six weeks to knit the forty-seven other things I have planned for Christmas.  (And no, I’m not expecting twins, I’m just knitting stockings for the six of us PLUS my parents who spend Christmas with us.)

If you’re looking for gift ideas, you should check out this post  of Sarah’s.  I love her blog– it feeds my love of color, beauty, thought, and writing.  There’s also Sew Mama Sew— they usually have a whole month (in November) of handmade gifts, often with tutorials.  Check out last year’s Handmade Holidays ideas! from November’s archives.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of Gifts

  1. I have to admit, I'm feeling very half-hearted about Christmas crafts this year – but I think that's because I'm still trying to finish two July birthday crafts!

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