Exploring Poison Island

(Spoiler alert: no one got poisoned.)

We went camping at the end of August with some good friends.  We packed my sailboat, and our friends brought their rowboat, and we went to Lake Dillon to camp.

Except that I forgot to pack my rudder and paddles.  Whoops.

So we had six children, one boat, and some really fabulous little islands.  The dads ferried the children across to the island, and the children explored it by themselves for an hour or so.  We went over later, and they gave us a tour of the island, complete with its stick castle, ant hills, rocky shores, and poison oak. 

Exploration, one version.  The adults were all planning how we could come again with both boats and have the kids on two separate islands, and play boat-based Capture the Flag…

If any of these ideas appeals to you, read Swallows and Amazons.  And if your library doesn’t carry it, enter in my EXPLORATION CONTEST to tell me how you promote the exploring nature of your children!

P.S.  I’m extending the deadline til Tuesday Oct 20, just in case you need a little more time to comment!


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