Early-October Journal

Yesterday was a delightful day, and I wanted to share a few moments of it with you.

On the CD player… David Wilcox, Open Hand.  (We just went to his concert– he was a little off, I thought, but he’s still my favorite singer-songwriter-performer, hands down.)

On the stove… roasted tomato and garlic soup (this was so good, that my husband who doesn’t like tomatoes liked it.  And it’s good that he liked it, because I made 6 quarts.)  Then we made applesauce with jonagold apples.  Mmm.  And yogurt.  It was a busy day.

Outside… elk.  Bugling.  We took my friend Pam up to Estes Park to show her the annual elk bugling spectacle, in which unattached male elk approach a herd of lovely females, and their attached alpha-male elk shows his fabulous antlers and makes this crazy noise— and if that doesn’t do the trick, he chases the interloper away.  We watched a herd, and four different unattached elk try to make their moves.  Fascinating.  It prompted the kids to ask all sorts of nature study questions.

Out my window… the maple tree, turning red.  I love autumn.

I’ll get back to you with the tomato soup recipe.


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