Latin, Year 2

Upon the recommendation of The Well-Trained Mind, I chose Latin Primer as our latin curriculum.  I wanted something that wasn’t super expensive, and that we could study together.  We did year one last year, and this year moved on to year two.

Latin Primer seems to be a well-thought out program, but without any bells and whistles.  We have a textbook, a teacher’s manual (both spiral-bound) and this year we invested in the CD with the work lists as computer flash-cards.  In the first year, we learned some 400 words and chants of all the verb endings, noun declensions, and pronouns.

Or actually, we were supposed to learn them, but didn’t.

Herein lies the problem in Latin Primer: it requires you to study.

I think I wanted a curriculum I could put under my pillow and learn by osmosis.  J and I both did well for the first 2/3 of the year, but I think our brains were full by the end.  Force-feeding the words in at the end didn’t work so well, and we both failed the last exam.  Whoops. 

I think Latin Primer is a good program, but I would have been a better teacher had I known Latin already.  I don’t.  So this year I bought the CD.  It works with BYKI (before you know it) as a computer-based learning system.

I spent some time re-reading the grammar section of the book (this is all in the teacher’s guide, not the student’s book) this summer, and think we’re going to learn a ton this year.  Year two is a big step up in volume of information and complexity over year one, and I’m excited.

As Bach said, S.D.G.


One thought on “Latin, Year 2

  1. My Mom is teaching it to B!

    But this year we are attempting "Our Mother Tongue Grammar." Together, so I'm going to learn how to diagram sentences finally.


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