Zucchini Cinnamon Carrot Soup

We were at the farm packing up bags for distribution when O got totally excited about a carrot.  In fact, he was so excited about this carrot that he took it over to show to Farmer Jerry, who said O could keep it.  Well.

When we got home, O promptly washed and peeled it and made this beautiful soup with it.  Everyone had just.one.taste.  Then we dumped it.  He remains undeterred and continues to covet my vegetables to invent other recipes.  Most involve sugar, salt, pepper, baking powder and vegetables.

I’d share the recipes, but they’re proprietary.  Sorry.


2 thoughts on “Zucchini Cinnamon Carrot Soup

  1. Wait, so are you back? I picked up a half share on Tuesday – I thought you were still out of town. Do we need to rectify that?

  2. So good to be back on your blog! Such fun photos and I LOVE the way you write. Very enjoyable to read.

    O and my 2nd A need to have a cook-off. We just baked up her concoction of sugar, flour and apparently a lot of baking soda. so fun!

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