Just released from the hospital…

These three have been waiting

weeks and weeks for surgery and finally had successful plastic surgery.  They were released this week from the SICU (a.k.a sewing ICU) to resume life with their little people, who welcomed them gratefully.

I know I don’t often post on my doctor life, but sewing these little friends up reminded me of my first surgical rotation.  I was sewing up a wound, and the surgeon was complimenting my technique.  He asked where I had learned, and I said that my grandmother taught me to sew dolls’ clothes when I was little.  He was not so happy with that response.  But as I was sewing the stuffed animals back up, I found myself frustrated with my tools: I wanted a curved needle and a needle driver, just like in the OR.


One thought on “Just released from the hospital…

  1. and do they make really small curved apolstery needles that would work on stuffed animals?

    needle work doesn't seem to get much respect, I think it's negatively associated with corsets and embroidery samplers and suppressing women, as if no one ever expressed them self artistically with a needle. But I'm not sure quiet why this is so.

    Any theory?


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