Journal Entry: July 9

Listening to: Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Kinsmen.  (What an amazing CD!)

Wishing: my fall curriculum would hurry up and get here!

In the oven: banana-zuchini bread (a.k.a. bikini bread) 

In the garden: the squash plants are rapidly spreading– over the little green beans I planted and toward the tomatoes.  I have a huge bag of coffee grounds from Starbucks to put in a fresh batch of compost– another few days and the old batch will be ready to spread.

The diapers are drying on the porch.  Yesterday two full loads of clothes dried on my racks in one day.  That makes me insanely happy.  Mommycoddle posted recently on hanging laundry— she said that her husband hears nickels and dimes being burned up when they run the drier… I hear the same thing.

I watched my friend’s two children yesterday.  Her 16 month-old and SweetP together are troubletroubletrouble.  I spent all morning trying to contain them both simultaneously.  It reminded me of when M was just one and O was not quite two and a half… I was a crazy lady.  Parents of twins, hats off to you!

Between now and the weekend I have eleven little art aprons to cut-and-sew, eleven princess hats to make, and countless small sandwiches without crusts and tiny cakes to make for a little girl who is almost five.  So as not to give away her identity, we’ll call her Princess Turniphead. 

This is Queen Turniphead signing out til next week.


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry: July 9

  1. What a beautiful princess, and she is blossoming into quite the delightful young lady. Have a great party! We look forward to having the boys. Renee (Mother of Toddler Troublemaker #1)

  2. Aaand…now we know exactly what she'll look like in 10 years. Crazy. Happy birthday, all you July people!

  3. we can't wait to see the princess and all of you next weekend at the beach. you do so many things- you need a vaction! tell the princess we;ll celebrate with her at the beach! love to all! Heather

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