Fall School Planning

My friend Ruth and I were talking about how summer crept up on us this year.  I feel like I’m a step behind summer still, and fall is just around the corner!  (This might be one argument for schooling year-round.)

So I’ve had a mental block about curriculum for the fall.  On the one hand, I’m not making major changes: our days will be very much the same as this year with the minor exception that my work schedule is shifted later, so we have an hour more on the days I go in to the clinic.  Otherwise, we have three full days, one day at a co-op, and one morning.  We’re still Charlotte Mason educators, and we’re still doing Singapore math.

But the details of that: which composers will we study, which artists, for example– have eluded me.  And I’ve decided not to do the 20th Century yet for history (we did SOTW 1, 2, and 3, and then I needed more time on the 19th century, so we did Genevieve Foster’s Abraham Lincoln’s Life) so I’ve had to figure out how I want to go back to the ancients.  I want to do more prep for our nature study… but how?  These details were beyond me.

Last week I got together with some great ladies in our area to meet and talk about school– more the bones, the philosphy, than "curriculum" per se– and it got me all fired up.  That night I ordered all our resources.

P.S. Our new history "spine" came… I don’t like it at all.  Rather, I like the content, but not the style of writing.  Back to the drawing board.  Hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Fall School Planning

  1. What? All that and you didn't even tell us what you ordered? What got you all fired up? The "bones"? Come on, spill it.

    Our next year is easy since what with my pregnancy and new baby we basically only did half a year. We're just taking two years to do the one! 🙂

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