Farm Update, June 26

I’ve been out working at the farm three times now.  Our first week was rained out.  Then we planted melons, melons & cucumbers, and this week did our first distribution and hoed carrots.  Itty, bitty carrots (some with only 1 or 2 leaves) drowning in enormous weeds because of the rain.

By my own fault choice, I’ve been doing 24 hours shifts on my work day into the farm morning.  I work in the clinic 12-9 p.m, take call at the hospital (and have been in for at least a good chunk of the night all three weeks) overnight, and then go to the farm straight from there for a four hour shift (almost 6 hours with the driving).  And I’m wiped out.

But I don’t hink my job is going to go away.  So I’m exploring other options for a continuous source of varied, local food.  We don’t have any sort of visiting farmers’ market in our neighborhood, or a closer CSA.  But there are several farms much closer than our CSA that have their own markets.  So this summer I’m committed to going there after I get our weekly share, seeing (and recording) what they have– and filling in the "gaps" in our own share with theirs– and comparing it in the fall. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I am committed to local food, and I have learned a ton from being a working member– not just about food, but about life.  But this is a very busy stage in our life, and I’m tired.  And supporting (more consistently) the farm in my own backyard, as it were, might be a better option for us than the farm 45 minutes away.   I’ll keep you posted.


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