Drawing With Children

Are you familiar with Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Children? Drawing with Children

My friend gave us a copy (thanks, Ruth!) and we started it this week.  I confess to having been very intimidated by it.  I kept reading through the front material and thinking it was less and less likely I was going to be able to walk the children through this… but once I finally got to the actually "lessons" everything seemed much more manageable.

We started last week– just doing an hour here or there.  The kids LOVE it, and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because we’re all high on Sharpie fumes.  (Gotta go pick up some Flair felt-tipped pen instead!)  Here’s a sample of our day’s "work":


2 thoughts on “Drawing With Children

  1. Thanks for sharing your pix of what art SHOULD look like. I tend to get caught up in the mess of it all, thus putting it off, or waiting until we can do it outside. Your pix have reminded me that this is NORMAL and inspired me to get those art supplies out again.

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