Daybook: Early June

Outside my window: the grackle is tossing the birdseed out as he searches for the sunflower seeds.  Picky bird.  The garden is trying to recover from the violent, pelting hail from yesterday.

On the stove: a red onion is carmelizing to go on our foccacia.  I’ll also toss on some left-over chicken we grilled last night.

Upstairs: M is playing house, O is playing on his bed, and J is starting a new leGuin book.

On my sewing table: a half-finished sun dress for M, my capris that lack elastic, and lots of fun fabric for summer skirts of all sizes.

On the needles: a very, very purple sweater for M, called Swing Thing by Little Turtle Designs.  I had to rip the whole thing out once (2 100g skeins– eek!) and about 15 rows another time… and this time, I’m almost to the end of the body. The end is in sight.  I’ve never done sleeves, but I’m hoping that all the Christmas stockings I’ve been knitting will make the sleeves 

Grateful for: the spontaneous, creative play my kids have been engaging in (and initiating) since we began "summer vacation" two weeks ago.  It has left me with time to carmelize onions, sew, and knit (when SweetP isn’t climbing something tall and dangerous).  It also makes me realize that we actually do get a lot of school done during the year.


One thought on “Daybook: Early June

  1. That sounds like the Summer version of a Christmas Card – Awesome! I'll bet the focacia tasted wonderful.

    We got our first CSA box yesterday! See where your inspiration leads Annie? We got Rhubarb, greenhouse cucumbers, beautiful spinach, two different kind of lettuce, a quart of strawberries and a jar of jam.


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