Memorial Day Fun

My best friend (since college!) is a talented actor who wrote a fabulous play.  Sam let me fly out (without ANY children) over Memorial Day weekend to see the final performance of her show.  Not only did I get to see her perform (I can’t tell you how many of her shows I’ve missed– it was so good to see one finally!) but it was a really great show: beautiful and thought provoking and challenging all the right ways.  On top of that, I got to spend two days with her delightful family.

When I came home, Sam & the kids had cleaned the WHOLE house, had installed shelves in the closet ("shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed!"), and had made me some comic books about "Super-cook Mommy."

THAT was a Mother’s Day gift worth waiting for.


One thought on “Memorial Day Fun

  1. Annie,
    I'm so, SO happy you were able to get away like that– and with such a dear friend. YAY!

    [Great job, husband and children of Annie!!!]

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