May Busy-ness

Somehow the end of May always catches me by surprise.  I think to myself, "Self, things are wrapping up… surely May won’t be too busy."  And then May comes and runs me down like a truck.  Remember the old Nintendo game "Frogger"?  That’s me and May.

First there’s soccer, which was a blast, and is. almost. over.

Then there’s the homeschool co-op’s spring musical, Oklahoma.  (For the record, it was only 50 pages of music I volunteered to learn and play.)  At our dress rehearsal, I wondered what I had gotten myself into… I’d been practicing faithfully, but it was so much music that I knew it all sort-of, and none of it well.  But I spent almost the entire weekend practicing, and it all came together.  The kids were great.

We had our annual piano and dance recital… 

… and two surprise visits from dear friends…

So that’s where I’ve been.  I’ve missed you all!  Thanks for checking back in after my hiatus.


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