Reading Games

The other night, J lost his privilege to play a game after dinner.  We have talked repeatedly to him about planning the evening once his youner siblings go to bed (or down for naps), and he continues to do it.  So we decided no fun could be had that evening.


However, sneak that I am, we played “reading games” instead.  When I was little, my dad read to us all the time.  A favorite game was “Read it wrong” (don't analyze the grammar in that title)!  On every page, he read a word or two incorrectly, substituting a silly word or similar-sounding word (as we became better readers) for a word on the page.  Our job was to find the wrong word and correct him.  I remember playing this with many Bill Peet and Dr. Seuss books, and my dad could make up fake Seuss-esque rhymes as well as Seuss.  We loved this game.  So I played it with my son.  He was giggling so hard he could barely read. 


This is a great way to motivate a child who reads but thinks of himself as a non-reader.  It's also just a fun thing to do.


Happy reading.

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