A Charlotte Mason-esque Day

We had a wonderful day today.  It was the first day this fall that we actually made school happen in the morning.  (Last week was full of friends staying with us, doctors' visits and errands.)  My prayer this morning before school began was for patience, and a day without any yelling.


J began with table time– which was done much more efficiently and without the dramatics of last week– while O and M worked pouring rice and water.  (They loved it.)  We read the second chapter of Beowulf the Warrior (a great retelling) and had a few dance breaks.  We had our second biology lesson today, studying invertebrates.  When we'd finished reading about them, we went across the street to the greenway and hunted for invertebrates (e.g. snails) in the mud.  We hit the snail jackpot and watched them moving around.  The boys played in the mud and had a blast.  During biology, my neighbor (whose son is studying biology with us) did a “cooking” class with both of our two year-old daughters.  Then we all had lunch together.  It was lovely.


After lunch, the boys played, we read and painted with watercolors, and then (after an unsuccessful nap attempt by my 2 y/o) went for a long bike ride.  We got very messy and wet and rode our bikes through the park.  My three y/o helped me make the pizzas for our dinner.


I'm grateful for a reestablishment of our morning routine– how we need it!  And I continue to pray for patience (although today was encouraging.)


2 thoughts on “A Charlotte Mason-esque Day

  1. Ha! “Charlotte Masonesque”… I like that. We’ve just begun using the Charlotte Mason method this fall, we’re really excited about it.


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