Re-learning good school habits

Today was only our third day back after 6 weeks off, and we had friends in overnight, so I'll admit that we may not be quite in school mode yet, however…


My son's binder had one page (back and front) on math (from Singapore 2B), a lesson from Spelling Workout B (which we skipped entirely) and a page of geography terms which we reviewed orally.  It didn't seem that much– this much independent work would have taken his twnety minutes last spring.  But he hemmed and hawed and complained and whined… until I thought I was going to pull my eyelashes out one by one just to distract him.  We also had lesson one of English for the Thoughtful Child, SOTW 2 chapter 2 to read, and chapter 1 of Genesis (I read, the children illustrated.)


I finally moved the spelling to another day, made part of the ETC lesson oral, and let him to the math while I read aloud from Lloyd Alexander's Taran Wanderer (book 4 of the Prydain series.)  Not a great day for independent work.  We need to restrengthen those endurance muscles– sort of homeschool aerobics.


The preschoolers, however, counted beans (literally) onto cards with cirlces and numbers, ans transferred beans from a bowl to mini-muffin tins using tweezers.  These were highly successful activities.


Any tips on how you redevelop habits (short of my pulling my eyelashes out?)


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